Shifter Training

This page is designed to provide information for the shifters regarding the MICE shifter training process.

Shifters must obtain all necessary safety equipment

  • non-magnetic safety boots (meeting EN345)
  • radiation film badge - from Health Physics office by ISIS Control Room
  • hi-vis vest during access into Hall (located by Hall entrance)
  • hard hat during access into Hall (located by Hall entrance)

Shifter should read and be aware of the responsibilities of the shifter role, including
the safety requirements and shift rules.

  • slides are located on MOM laptop
  • provides information on:
    • safety requirements
    • shifter roles and responsibilities
    • MICE Operations personnel
    • rules when taking shifts

The practical portion of the training covers

The practical portion of the training will be given at various times during the week. Since we only have
access to the Hall during Wednesday maintenance days, we will offer a PPS tutorial on Wednesdays. This will teach
the shifter about controlled access routines and give them some practice.
Beamline training (Target, Decay solenoid, Beamline magnets and Beamstop) will usually be given by the BLOC on
Thursday mornings.
Control room operations (C&M, DAQ, Online Monitoring, Online Reconstruction and the datamover) will be given by a control room operations trainer also on Thursdays.

After each step of the training, the trainer will inform the MOM and the trainee's records on CHEESE will be updated.

People qualified to train new shifters:

  • PPS - Macwaters, Blackmore, Nebrensky, Dobbs
  • Target - Overton, any BLOC
  • Decay Solenoid & beam line - any BLOC
  • Beam stop - any BLOC, Lead Shifter
  • Control room operations : Heidt, Dobbs, Gardener, Lead Shifter
  • Documentation - trained shifter, MOM
  • Computing info - trained shifter, MOM

Shift Training Sessions

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