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h1. Shifter Training Syllabus for the Target (Spring 2015) 

 # Starting the relevant control screens: RATS, shifter (shifter) Target Drive, ISIS Beam Loss Display 
 ## RATS: bookmarked in Firefox  
 ## Target Drive 
    !TargetDriveShifter.png! !TargetDriveExpert.png! 
 ## ISIS Beam Loss Display 
 # Start/Stop Actuation 
 # ISIS beamloss and target depth adjustment  
 # Pausing target operations: stop, withdraw, start, go deeper 
 # Raise and lower frame 
 # Controlled Entry: stop, withdraw, raise frame, lower frame, start, go deeper 
 # Overnight Standby: stop, withdraw, raise frame, park, brass key, hold, test, lower frame, start, go deeper 
 # Vac-Rack and the Target Frame Enable key - NB requirement for _a priori_ RF Hall (R5.4) swipe access  
 # Errors and [[BeamlineProcsTargetFail|BPS Trip procedure]] 
 ** RATS daemon crash symptoms 
 ** BPS trip alert