Shifter Training Syllabus for the Conventional Magnets

  1. Checking the status: beamline summary
    Beamline Summary
  2. Safety
    • Dipoles and PPS
    • Electrical: conductors and Magnet-On lamps
  3. Powering on/off
    1. Check list and padlocks (BLOC)
    2. Interlocks
    3. Emergency stop and remote
  4. Starting the relevant control screens
    1. Manual control panels and interlocks
      Conv Magnets, and Status
      Conv Magnet control and Conv Magnet interlocks
    2. Water temperatures
      Water Temperature Readout
    3. Stripchart
      Cooling water stripchart example
  5. Controlled Entry: ramp down and turn off dipoles
  6. Overnight Standby: ramp down and turn off all
  7. Errors, interlocks and emergency procedures

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