Shifter Training 22nd July 2013


  • None


  • Sort out training scripts for MOM/Rogers tasks
  • Book meeting room for class sessions
  • Consider additional PPE training
  • Syllabus for docs and computing info
    • Docs: for web start from IIT page; 2 folders in MLCR; check RA/MS (in pocket with ATW)
    • [[computing-software:ShifterTraining|Computing Shifter Training]]: DAQ KVM; Online KVM; Virtual Desktops; Remote Client Launcher, using eLog (inc. reply and search features); using micewww (inc. getting account); Run Summary Spreadsheet :(
    • (Looking at it, the above seem to be prerequisites for the rest. Suspect that in future sessions it would be best to have those with the Hall tour and MOM talk as a "theoretical" session on the Monday p.m. and then the hands-on on the next day or two.)
    • [[computing-software:DAQ and online reconstruction training]]


Schedule as follows (details for each session are below):

Monday 22nd July

Time Shift A Shift B Other
09:30 RAL Induction RAL Induction
10:30 ISIS Course ISIS Course
11:30 Safety Boots Safety Boots
12:30 Lunch Lunch
13:00 Lunch Lunch
13:30 CDM training CDM training Teachers tour
14:00 MOM slides MOM slides Teachers tour
14:30 (Hall Tour) PPS Hall Tour
15:00 PPS DAQ
15:30 PPS Online Mon
16:00 PPS Online Reco
16:30 (PPS) Beam stop C&M
17:00 Finish Finish

Tuesday 23rd July

Time Shift A Shift B
09:00 DAQ PPS
09:30 Online Mon PPS
10:00 C&M PPS
10:30 Online Reco PPS
11:00 Documentation Target
11:30 Computing Info Decay Sol
12:00 Datamover Beam Stop
12:30 Lunch BL Magnets
13:00 Lunch Lunch
13:30 Target Lunch
14:00 Decay Sol Documentation
14:30 Beam Stop Computing Info
15:00 BL Magnets Datamover
15:30 MOM test MOM test
17:00 Finish Finish

Proton Absorbers


  • you will need to book into Ridgeway for the Monday night.
  • Please let me know if you cannot (or will not) make these dates.
  • If you need to do any of the RAL inductions, you will need to be around at 09.30 on Monday morning. The RAL inductions expire after 5 years and the ISIS induction expires after 2 years
Name Has CDM Induction? Has RAL Induction (5 yrs)? Has ISIS Induction (2 yrs)? Has Boots? Availability
Chris Hunt Y N N 17 Jul - 8 Aug
Paul Smith Y N N Metal
Rhys Gardener N Y N 15 Jul - 2 Aug
Pierrick Hanlet Y N N Likely NO
John Nugent N N N N 14 Jul - 3 Aug
Sophie Middleton N Y Y 15 Jul - 31 Jul
Melissa George N N N 10 Jul - 28 Jul
Steve Boyd N N N
Paul Soler Y Y Y 24 Jul - 4 Aug
Chris Booth N N N Y Yes
Ed Overton Y Y Y Metal Likely NO
Ryan Bayes Y Y Y Y Yes
Stefania Ricciardi Y Y Y Y Yes
Alexander Dick N N N N Yes


  • Let me know if you have a problem making yourself available on these two days
  • Please make sure you are available for the whole day where you are scheduled - to allow for schedule slip etc.
  • Please ensure that the system for training on is fully operational.
  • If you think that I haven't allowed enough time for training on your system, let me know. I really have no idea how long these things will take. But please stick to time(!)
Name Subject Availability Time Req Where
SHE Group RAL Induction 60 mins R12 training room
Rose Hayes ISIS Course 60 mins R1 - Admin office
Andy Nichols CDM 30 mins R76?
Need driver Safety Boots 90 mins Off site
Chris Rogers Hall tour 30 mins MICE Hall
Chris Rogers MOM Slides 30 mins R76?
Chris Rogers MOM Test 90 mins 60 mins R76?
Craig MacWaters PPS 120 mins 180 mins MICE Hall
Henry Nebrensky Decay Sol 30 mins MICE Hall + MLCR
Henry Nebrensky BL Magnets 30 mins MICE Hall + MLCR
Henry Nebrensky Target 2 30 mins MLCR, Needs search
Henry Nebrensky Beam stop 2 30 mins MLCR, Needs search
Ian Taylor C&M 1 30 mins MLCR
Chris Rogers DAQ 1 30 mins MLCR
Rhys Gardener Online Mon 1 30 mins MLCR
Chris Rogers Online Reco 1 30 mins MLCR
Henry Nebrensky Datamover 1 30 mins MLCR
Chris Rogers Documentation 1 30 mins MLCR
Chris Rogers Computing info 1 30 mins MLCR
  1. A good way to introduce this material is to have a talky bit covering all aspects and then give everyone a go
  2. Needs search - probably best to complete a search during PPS training and then do the beamline bits following. If you have done the computing/DAQ/online reco etc, then it is very nice to set up for a reference run here


  • Book the hall
  • Arrange trainers 1 month in advance
  • Arrange trainees
  • Set up schedule
  • Check RAL/ISIS induction is okay
  • Book meeting rooms
  • Update training documentation for bits which MOM is doing
  • Print training scripts and any other hand outs

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