Shift Training : June 25/26


The training steps and proposed trainers are shown below.

  • If you think someone else should be doing the training for a particular step, let me know.
  • If you think that I haven't allowed enough time for training on your system, let me know. I really have no idea how long these things will take. But please stick to time(!)
  • At the same time, if we no longer need a training step or it can be condensed please tell me that as well.
  • I've condensed separate training on OnRec, OnMon and C&M into one. Please keep in mind that understanding control room operations really only
    comes when people have done shifts - hence the requriement for shadow shifts - and used the system.
Name Subject Availability Time Req Where
SHE Group RAL Induction 60 mins R12 training room
Someone ISIS Course 60 mins R1 - Admin office
John Govans CDM + PPE 30 mins Conf Room 9 (R26)
Need driver Safety Boots 90 mins Off site
MOM Hall tour 30 mins MICE Hall
MOM MOM Slides 30 mins Conf Room 9 (R26)
MOM MOM Test 90 mins 60 mins Conf Room 9 (R26)
Craig, Henry or Adam PPS 120 mins 180 mins MICE Hall
Henry Decay Sol 30 mins MICE Hall + MLCR
Henry BL Magnets 30 mins MICE Hall + MLCR
Henry Target 30 mins MLCR, Needs search
Henry Beam stop 30 mins MLCR, Needs search
Someone Control room Operations 60 mins MLCR
Henry Datamover 30 mins MLCR
Ed Overton Documentation 30 mins MLCR
Ed Overton Computing info 30 mins MLCR

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