Notes for MICE on submitting Incident Reports

The following is intended as hints for Visitors, rather than RAL staff. The general principles should have been covered in your site safety training.

  • The submission form is linked from STFC Safety Portal - follow the "Report an Incident" link at the top right (this will work from off-site) or you can connect to the full system via the SHE Enterprise graphic and your Federal ID (staff and eduroam)
  • Dates should be in the format dd/mm/yyyy including slashes
  • Times should be in the format hhmm in 24hr and no colon
  • For MICE, the Site is "Rutherford-Appleton Lab", the Directorate is "National Laboratories", the Department is "Particle Physics Dept" and the Division is "PP Research Division A"
  • If someone was injured, then they are the "Person Involved" (see below)
  • "Reported By" is the person filling the form and the current date
  • "Reported To" is "SHE Group" and the current date
  • Note that the form only requests contact details for "Person Involved" - you may therefore want to include your name/email address in the Incident Details section so that RAL SHE can contact you for clarifications and follow-up, though they will then not be anonymised in the viewable report
  • I had a struggle when trying to upload an attachment with "invalid character" error messages - I think it was actually trying to ask me to leave out the file extension from the name to be used on the SHE system...

Some of the above has been taken from SHE Guidance on logging on and reporting incidents linked from the SHE Enterprise Portal .

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