Run plan

We got through about 70k TOF2 triggers at each of 140 MeV/c, 170 MeV/c, 200 MeV/c data sets for scattering - nothing at 240 MeV/c. Ao has looked at the data and it looks good. I (or Ao) will send some PR plots around the mailing list later today. Note:
  • We hoped to get through 200k at each momentum setting, including additionally 240 MeV/c.
  • We have not taken the magnet alignment data yet.

My data taking plan for this week and next week:

1. Today - change tracker VME crate for spare; run 200 MeV/c alignment data and check that DAQ/run control are okay. Try to run smoothly for evening shift.
2. Tuesday/Wednesday - hall work (DC control);
  • water
  • DS compressor
  • ISIS maintenance day
3. Thursday through Sunday - straight track data. Nb: we only have one shift crew until Sunday inclusive. This would also be contingency for the water work. The water must get finished this week.
4. Monday 3rd October - magnet running; settings TBD:
  • Ao has some settings he would like to try, which stay with M1*FC < 7500, but have stronger focus in FC but a bit less field in SSU/SSD.
  • we only got less than one third of the scattering/energy loss data set done over the weekend.
  • Would magnet folks try for harder M1*FC product or is there too much fear? I note Josef/JHC's email, they seemed to be encouraging us to try for 18500.

I think the answer to item 4 will be:- complete the scattering/energy loss data set and then we can increase the fear.

For a magnet run, I require:

1. overnight babysitting staffed
2. Sign off from equipment owners
3. On-call list

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