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Blackmore, Victoria, 02 October 2015 12:24


October 3-7
estimated time 08:00 - 16:00 16:00 - 00:00 00:00 - 08:00
MOM Y. Karadzhov Y. Karadzhov Y. Karadzhov
Lead Shifter Alex Alan Jaroslaw
Shifter 1 Tanaz Ao Durga
BLOC Celeste (weekend)
SOC Chris H
Aim Data taking Data taking Data taking
Beam? Yes Yes
Additional Personnel


  • SSU at design current
  • the DS PSU will be run in local mode, and at fixed current, until a ramp-circuit fault has been identified & fixed.
    It is imperative that the DS PSU is operated only by designated DS experts with appropriate
    experience - ie Mark Tucker, Vicky Bayliss, and myself. The current is currently set to ????

Known Issues

New Shift Checklist

The shift checklist can be found in the eLog.
Please go through the checklist at least every two hours.

Hall probe monitoring and operation

Melissa would like shifters to take data with the hall probes once per shift. The operating instructions can be found here

Additional request: If magnet team agree, pause the ramp up at Solenoid Mode currents and take a Hall probe reading. Then continue ramp up to Flip Mode currents. When magnet team decide to ramp back down to Solenoid Mode currents, take another Hall probe reading. (This will let us see how affected we are by hysteresis & the PRY when ramping up to a current from below, and down to a current from above. Best practice is always ramping up to your desired current and not down as will be done at the end of this shift.)

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