September 22
estimated time 14:30 - 17:00 17:00-20:00 20:00 - 06:00
MOM Y. Karadzhov Y. Karadzhov Y. Karadzhov
Lead Shifter Ao Ao Ao / Durga
Shifter 1 David David David / Maryian
BLOC C. Heidt C. Heidt C. Heidt
SOC C. Rogers C. Rogers C. Rogers
Aim Set up for data-taking Data-taking Validation Data taking
Beam? Yes Yes Yes
Additional Personnel Francois Francois Francois (to midnight)

Beamline Configurations

We expect to be running with 2V beamloss and beam bump active.

System configuration

  • We will not run with the decay solenoid.
  • SSD will be off
  • We will use Pierrick's new Run Control at the beginning, if possible. If not we revert to the previous one and kill run control between every run.
  • Runs will be 2 hours long.
  • We need a Deputy MOM to shut down in the morning, unless Yordan thinks he can be at the MCR before 8am.

Data plan


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