Run Planning Discussion 4 July, 2015

Magnet training. Will take beam with pion beams to fill out remainder of alignment requirements.

Daily schedule

July 4
estimated time 10pm - 6am
MOM R. Bayes
Lead shifter Mariyan Bogomilov
Shifter 2 Dan Kaplan
BLOC A. Dobbs
SOC C. Pidcott
Physics Shifter F. Drielsma
Aim Magnet commissioning
Beam? No
Additional Personnel

Hall Status

  • The priority is placed on the magnet preparation activities.
  • Cooling SSD and SSD is "complete".
  • SSU and SSD are considered suitably stable so that they may be monitored without intervention.
  • TOF1 has now been replaced in the channel.
  • The superconducting permit will be tested prior to the shift so the hall should be under controlled entry conditions when the shifters arrive.

Shift plan:

  • 9:30pm
    • shifters and BLOC arrive to complete Hall preparation (i.e. target prep)
  • 10pm
    • Take 50k triggers (at TOF2) of reference beam (300 MeV pion beam). Use run control setting (without DS).
    • When complete, take 50k triggers (at TOF2) of the 190 MeV pion beam (settings below)
    • When complete, take minimum 50k triggers (at TOF2) of the reference pion beam.
  • Write more verbose eLogs, describe the problem, its symptoms and solution (if known).

Data Requested

  • 50k TOF2 triggers with the reference pion beam without DS (as in run control)
  • 50k TOF2 triggers of 190 MeV pion beam

Beamline Configuration

  • We expect to run with 2V beamloss and the beam bump active.
  • DS is off
  • Beam settings via Run Control and as given below

Pion Beam for 190 MeV/c without Decay Solenoid

Number of particle triggers Particle Species p at Tgt p@D1 p@D2 p@Tof0 Proton Absorber Q1 Q2 Q3 D1 DS D2 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Similar Run(s) RunControl tag
# MeV/c MeV/c MeV/c MeV/c mm A A A A A A A A A A A A DAQ run #
pion 226.98 222.83 219.82 29 47.95 87.63 53.61 167.48 - 83.66 145.81 195.54 129.56 125.01 189.03 161.27 LowRefPionRun_noDS

Standing Run Control Instruction

  • Reminder: The end of run comment must be filled for the run to register as completed on CDB. Ensure that the enter key is struck while in the end comment dialogue box at the end of every run.

Temporary Run Control Instructions

  • Restart Run Control after every run
  • Currently using development branch in MLCR.
  • If Run Control was no restarted and it crashes the terminal, type "reset" (no quotes) to regain control, then restart Run Control. Do not log in/out
  • Run data mover after every run
  • If there is doubt contact Pierrick Hanlet or Chris Heidt

Phone details for 6pm daily meeting

Phone access : ReadyTalk number

US 866-740-1260

UK 0800-496-0576

Swiss 0800-70-53-51

Italy 800182592

Access Code: 2155402
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