June 6th, 2015

Aim: Prepare the upstream tracker for taking data, timing it with TOF0.

Daily schedule

June 6th
Time 4pm - 10pm
MOM V. Blackmore
Lead shifter C. Heidt
Shifter 2 C. Pidcott
BLOC C. Heidt
SOC C. Heidt
Experimenter E. Overton, M. Uchida
Physics Shifter R. Bayes
Beam? Yes
Additional Personnel

Shift plan:

  • 3pm - 4pm
    • Shifters and experts arrive.
    • Close and secure Hall with MOM
    • Prepare DAQ and Run Control for running
    • Prepare Muon Beam Line for running
  • 4pm
    • Run a 6-200 M0 beam (via Run Control) and figure out timing between ISIS, TOF0 and tracker

Data Requested

  • Data to figure out tracker timing

Beamline Configurations

  • We expect to run with 2V beamloss and the beam bump active.
  • TOF1 is not in the beam line
  • Begin with a 6-200 M0 beam from Run Control and adjust as instructed by E. Overton and M. Uchida

Phone details

Phone access : ReadyTalk number

US 866-740-1260

UK 0800-496-0576

Swiss 0800-70-53-51

Italy 800182592

Access Code: 2155402

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