Particle rate + TOF Calibration - April 11/12

The purpose of the run is to:

  • Take proper TOF calibration data with Decay Solenoid

Daily schedule

Date Saturday Saturday Sunday Sunday
estimated time 8am - 4pm 4 - 12pm 8am - 4pm 4pm - 12pm
MOM M. Popovic M. Popovic M. Popovic M. Popovic
Lead shifter S. Middleton C. Pidcott S. Middleton C. Pidcott
Shifter S. Boyd A. Dick S. Boyd A. Dick
BLOC Nebrensky Nebrensky Nebrensky Nebrensky
SOC J. Nugent J. Nugent J. Nugent J. Nugent
Aim Take Data
Beam? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Personnel Hanlet


Run Preparation List

Data Requested

Beamline Configurations

  • Decay Solenoid will NOT be available.
  • We expect to be running with 2V beamloss and beam bump active.


  • We will run beam into the hall so need to secure the MICE Hall
  • Target needs to be ready
  • BeamLine elements need to be ready
  • Detectors need to be ready
  • Controls needs to be ready
  • DAQ needs to be ready
  • OnMon and OnRec need to be ready
  • Data Mover needs to be ready

Shifter target training

  • at shift handover on Saturday - somewhere between 15:00-17:00

Data Plan


  • Shutdown target and re-open Hall for Monday

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