18th March Target Tuning

Preliminary Schedule

15:00 Target preparation for BPS test
17:00 Start pre-requisites
18:00 Hall Activities end: PRY Construction DS Service
18:00 Start search and secure
19:00 Start BPS Test Procedure
20:00 Start Target/Beambump tuning


BPS Functional test (Craig Macwaters/Ed Overton/Dean Adams)

  • Prepare target (frame raised) - 2 hrs
  • Work through BPS test procedure

Target Tuning (to be confirmed by Ed Overton / Dean Adams)

  1. Work through the target check list and get the target operational with the target frame raised. – 30 mins
  2. Run target in ISIS at MS/128 for reference - 30 mins
  3. ISIS double Machine Start frequency - 10 mins
  4. Check that the target’s insertion aligns with the correct ISIS spill. The target will be operating at the double dip rate. – 10 mins
  5. Stop operating the target and lower the target frame. Ensure that the target insertion depth is small. (Large BCD) – 10 mins
  6. With the beam bump on steadily increase the insertion depth (reduce BCD) until we obtain the required 2 V beamloss. – 1 to 2 hours depending

700 MeV Beamloss/Yield (Henry Nebrensky)

For say 0.5V and 2V loss
  • Run target at steady depth, for 50 pulses
  • Record accumulated Luminosity Monitor counts off TV scaler
  • Compare with Beamline paper to predict expected rate in upcoming runs

BLOC Training (Henry Nebrensky)

  • Observe target tuning process
  • Shift delays around, etc.
  • Start-up/Shutdown practice

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