Tracker20150107 Tracker Status

  • Some lurking darkness with old data and new
  • May be it just works (haha)
  • May be possible to disable tracker (and unpack only the other detectors)
  • May be possible to fix
  • DATE has updated 3 times in PID DAQ, probably it's okay, not tested
  • Hardware interface will still work
  • DATE Equipmentlist classes not dependent on DATE but provide interface to DATE
  • DATE C functions
  • Compiles as standalone but not tried compiling/linking against DATE libraries
  • Old trigger is probably still production
  • New trigger - no documentation
  • Asynchronous veto needs to be introduced to the new trigger; trigger VME board
    doesn't have a fast enough clock to veto; Ed Overton has proposed vhdl code; no
    response from Yordan; could do something analogue external to new trigger;
    could use old trigger
  • Need to check RF clock will be available
Cryostats, cabling, waveguides
  • d/s cryostats are cold at 6 K which is less than 9 K;
  • u/s cryostats are cooling, should have time to cycle once to clean out impurities
  • d/s tracker cabling planned for afternoon of 13/01/2015
  • cryostats need to be grounded
  • Would like to fire the LEDs as pulsers to make noise
  • Tells us that delays correlating tracker to trigger are okay and make recon
    through to space point
  • Some juggling of controllers required to make everything work as CAEN spares left in Sheffield
  • SVS fall back; may not be trivial to roll back
  • MKS (vacuum) and temperature controllers and readout is being implemented by DL - unlikely to be in place by 21st
  • No response from Uchida re: OnRec

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