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h1. BLOC training 15 September 2013 

 This is a training/revision session for BLOCs. 
 Anyone who has not gone through the revised [[BLOCtraining|training schedule]] cannot act as BLOC in the upcoming run. 

 I know it's an awkward date - but that's the only time we could get. 

 h2. Target & PPS training session  

 h3. PPS (I) - 9:00 

 Will run target with Muon Test permit, will cover how to start setting up PPS without mimic. 

 h3. Target Theory - 9:30 

 0)    a) How the target works (explanation by poster) 
     b) Control systems and Vac Rack (inc. access) 
     c) Walkabout checklist items 

 1) a) Target powerup (can be done with frame raised) 
      b) Basic (shifter-level) operation 
      c) Monitoring plots and reports 
      d) Checking the Target is operating to the correct spill (can be done with frame raised) 
      e) Checking the beambump is active 
      f) PPS interlocks; PPS vs BPS, etc. 
      g) MICE Controlled Entry procedure 

 h3. Dipping into ISIS - 10:00  

 2) a) Finding the ISIS Beam 
      b) Checking the next spill injection losses (i.e. setting too long or short user delay). 
      c) Optimising timing (playing with user delay to optimise beam loss profile)    Intrusive / Requires help from ISIS: 

 h3. "Intrusive" activities - 11:30 

 3) Running without the beambump (and how it changes everything!) 
      Needs ISIS to turn off beambump temporarily 

 4) a) Overview of ISIS BLMs and trips (minor vs major, I forget the terminology) 
         Would it be possible to get this from Dean Adams or ISIS directly? 
      b) Run at the margin to try to see some of the minor trips (this would 
         be better done with the beamloss limit reduced to say 1V to reduce 

 5) Example of a BPS Trip (and what to do!) 

 h2. Magnets - cooling water etc. - after lunch 

 h3. Hall A/C Units 

     * Turning on/off 

 h3. Decay Solenoid Cryo 

     * Error messages 
     * Air 

 h3. Proton Absorbers 

     * _Cables/readout_ 

 h3. Beamstop 

     * Mechanical Beamstop removal/replacement 
     * Swapping power packs 

 h3. Conventional / "Beamline" Magnets 

     * Cooling water 
     ** Temperatures 
     ** Conductivity 
     ** Turning off 
     * Electricity 
     ** Switch PSUs on/off 
     ** PPS interlocks 
     * Controls – VME PCs 
     * POMPOMs 

 h3. Compressed Air 

     * Receiver 
     ** Purpose 
     ** Monitoring 
     * Booster 
     ** Purpose 
     ** Monitoring 

 h3. PPS (II) 

     * Test Switch (location) 
     * _DSA issues_ 
     * SC Magnet and other PPS featurettes 

 h3. Response procedure  

     * what to do when MLCR rings up in a panic... 

 h3. ISIS access 

     * procedure and requirements 
     * geography 

 (aim is to finish before 16:00)