Rack Room


Power and lighting in the MLCR and Rack Room is fed from the substation in the MICE Hall via the Distribution Board in the Rack Room itself. MLCR and Rack Room air-conditioning however will be on the "funny-shaped room" supply once that is installed.

In the meantime however, power for the Rack Room 1 air-conditioning is taken from an ISIS supply (board D4 in their storeroom immediately adjacent).

(Probably some comment on noise and hearing protection will need to go here).

Server Rack

The Server Rack is a purpose-built enclosure that houses standard rack-mounted server computers.
All equipment should be properly designed for mounting in a 19" rack, and configured for front-to-back through-flow ventilation.

The server rack also contains the switching units for the DAQ KVM system .


  • Check cables are disconnected before pulling any machine out.
  • Never pull more than one server forward at a time.
  • As the rack has mesh rather than solid rear doors, a fire could potentially spread to equipment elsewhere. Only commercial, certified equipment should be installed - i.e., no home-made boards!
  • The server rack is deeper than the other racks in the rack room. It is a requirement that it project back no more than 50% of the distance from the original back door to the D11 distribution board. (This puts a constraint on the space available in front, and thus on the length of equipment that may be installed).
  • Check with Henry Nebrensky before connecting any equipment to the UPS.

Network Rack

The Network Rack is dedicated to network infrastructure (computer network and telephones) and in principle is controlled by RAL Networks.
To connect a device to the network, you should go to Craig Macwaters or Henry Nebrensky.

The UPS is for the network switches only.

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