RAL Site Issues

Below is a list of issues to do with RAL site. The aim is to record site-specific issues that stop people doing work for reporting to STFC (e.g. network, power). Note these issues should be relating to RAL site, not MICE specific equipment. Access problems to MICE web services should be included in the list below (this is usually related to RAL network issues).

Log was started in November 2012

Start Date End Date Issue More
07/11/2012 07/11/2012 Site-wide power failure - spurious trip at main site feed
20/11/2012 20/11/2012 UPS failure and fire in R78 causing site-wide network failure
13/12/2012 19/12/2012 RAL facilities-users network unstable.
18/12/2012 18/12/2012 RAL network issue 7 am - 9 am; webservers offline.
26/12/2012 03/01/2013 PPD server room A/C failure - MICE PPD servers offline.
02/02/2013 03/02/2013 Scheduled power outage in R3 - no network access across campus into MLCR computers
16/02/2013 17/02/2013 Scheduled power outage in Atlas Building - PPD servers unstable
14/02/2013 15/03/2013 Networking instability - instability in facilities-users, eduroam network - note ongoing for more than a month Computing issue #1228
07/03/2013 08/03/2013 Network instability stemming from major issue with RAL site firewall
05/04/2013 05/04/2013 Exchange server down
09/04/2013 09/04/2013 Network instability
08/04/2013 11/04/2013 Deliberate power shutdown in rack room. ISIS provided specific information well in advance - that we were unable to determine consequences in time is a MICE underachievement MOM report
27/04/2013 28/04/2013 Scheduled power outage in R78 for electrical testing - MICE notified 24 March
03/09/2013 04/09/2013 Unplanned outage resulted in instability in MICENet all day
08/11/2013 12/11/2013 Network issue possibly related to site network hardware brought down MICE-ENet in R1 room 2-57
30/01/2014 30/01/2014 Scheduled power outage of substation 25, affecting: MICE Hall, Rack Room, MLCR
13/02/2014 17/02/2014 Issue with site network hardware split PPD network in MLCR from rest of PPD net - Grid uplink broken
02/04/2014 02/04/2014 eduroam and MICE-Enet - no outward connectivity - work on RAL firewall and DMZ issues
22/07/2014 22/07/2014 Site network failure from about 10:00; wireless back about 11:30, micenet connectivity still broken 17:00 Site network "upgrade" to RIP routing protocol
14/10/2017 14/10/2017 Brief power glitch ISIS down but MICE largely unaffected
20/11/2017 20/11/2017 Regional (Wantage to Abingdon) power outage lasting 5 minutes

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