Double dip rate

Monday at 13:00 GMT 25th November 2013

Agenda as follows:
  • Motivation for double dip rate (Rogers)
  • Status/plans of DAQ for double dip rate (Karadzhov)
  • Status/plans of target for double dip rate (Smith)
  • Operational constraints e.g. RF work in hall (Hanlet)

Phone number as usual for MAUS meetings.

   UK: 0844 4 73 73 73
   Switzerland: 0848 560 347
   US: 1 415 363 0833 (or 1 646 652 0772)
   Italy: 0821 230 749
   Others listed below
   Skype +49 1803 001 178

   PIN: 746868 (PIMUNU)


  • Motivation for double dip rate (Rogers)
    • Request from ISIS to reduce instantaneous dose
    • Tracker group deadtime issue
  • Status/plans of DAQ for double dip rate (Karadzhov)
    • Yordan was not present
  • Status/plans of target for double dip rate (Smith)
    • Target in ISIS has probably operated at 50/64 in R78
    • Target will run hotter
    • Need to test
      • Changed timing settings wrt ISIS beam start (due to different operating temp)
      • Possibly different BPS settings
      • HN notes: PS mentioned that changing BPS settings will need specific permission. Possibly Alan Stevens?
      • Compare with the dip depth
    • Would like updated target DAQ
  • Operational constraints in the MICE Hall (Hanlet/All)
    • Could not find documentation on our operation of the experiment at all
      • i.e. no documentation that we can operate the experiment with the current PPS system
      • HN: MICE Note 175 Addendum implies it's up to MICE Collaboration to produce own written procedures (item 3) - where are they kept though?
    • Three questions to answer
      • HN re-phrases: What are the constraints on when the Activation Study takes place? Can it happen during any ISIS start up?
      • Can we run with D1 and D2 switched off, beam stop up, and hall open?
      • Can we run when the RF tests are not being done e.g. weekend/evening?
  • Paul Smith to present slides at the next VC?
    • Pass them round email list beforehand

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