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Boyd, Steven, 19 June 2015 09:57

Emergency Procedures and responses to alarms during MICE Step IV

The MICE experiment is being hosted by STFC at its ISIS facility on behalf of the International MICE Collaboration.

Emergency procedures at the top-level are as per STFC’s safety policy and can be found here:

All STFC employees and all MICE visiting staff without exception are strictly required to attend the basic STFC safety induction course, where these emergency procedures are described. The course has to be re-taken every two years.

In addition to the above, there are four specialised situations in MICE, which require the following responses:

1. In R5.2 with blue lighting illuminated

Press nearest Beam-Off Button (BOB) and leave the building immediately via nearest crash-out gate

2. Neutron monitor alarm in R5.2 sounds and beacon illuminated:

Leave the building immediately

3. ODH (Oxygen Deficiency Hazard) alarm in R5.2 sounds and beacons illuminated:

Leave the building immediately

4. Hydrogen alarm outside MLCR (MICE Local Control Room) sounds and beacon illuminated:

(Note that at all times during operation with liquid hydrogen, a member of the hydrogen expert team will be present)

If a consensus is reached between MICE LH2 experts and the ISIS MCR that the risk of an unforeseen and catastrophic hydrogen incident is heightened and developing, evacuation must be considered. In this scenario, the nearest fire alarm should be activated. The alarm should only be silenced once a Hydrogen Expert has determined that the risk level has dropped.

It must be stressed that the decision to sound the fire alarm must include input from the ISIS MCR.

Some ISIS MCR personnel may remain in the MCR as it is an essential site communications hub. This will be at their own discretion.

The RAL site Alarm Investigation Team (AIT) should be contacted and liaise with the MICE team to clarify the situation.

RAL Security should be asked to inform the Site Emergency Controller, by the MOM.

The above alarms and locations are pointed out to each employee & and visitor at the induction training and escape routes and
exits are described.

In any of the above emergency situation, the MOM (MICE Operations Manager) has authority and MICE staff should defer to the MOM

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