Online Reconstruction Plots Descriptions

Online Reconstruction TOF plot descriptions

  • nSpacePoints
    • tof_nSpacePoints.png
    • Number of reconstructed space points in a particle event
    • Most of the events should have 1 space point. If the plot is dominated by 0 space-points, something could be wrong with the space point reconstruction.
  • SpacePoints_XY_TOF0, ...TOF1, ..TOF2
    • tof_SpacePoints_XY_tof0.png
    • tof_SpacePoints_XY_tof1.png
    • tof_SpacePoints_XY_tof2.png
    • Y vs X distribution of reconstructed space points in TOF0,1,2
    • Some pixels on the wings might be empty due to beam profile/statistics.
    • If there are empty pixels that look suspicious - eg. empty pixel surrounded by populated neighboring pixels, check the SlabHits_X/Y distributions and look for the slabs corresponding to these pixels.
  • SlabHits_X, SlabHits_Y
    • tof_SlabHits_X.png
    • tof_SlabHits_Y.png
    • X, Y postions (slab numbers) of the slabs that were hit.
    • These are the hits which are used to reconstruct space points.
    • Expect the mean to correspond to the slab# aligned with the beam.
    • Holes in the distribution should also have been picked up by the space-point plots. If there's reason to suspect a slab, look further at the pmtHits_ plots
  • pmtHits_Plane...
    • tof_pmtHits_Plane0PMT0.png
    • tof_pmtHits_Plane0PMT1.png
    • tof_pmtHits_Plane1PMT0.png
    • tof_pmtHits_Plane1PMT1.png
    • individual pmt hits in each slab/plane/station.
    • These are the PMT hits which go into making a 'slab hit'
    • In these plots,
      • plane0 => refers to X ie. horizontal slabs
      • plane1 => refers to Y ie. vertical slabs
      • PMT0 => refers to north (south) PMTs on horizontal (vertical) slabs
    • eg. pmtHits_Plane0PMT0: shows the north-side PMTs that were hit in the horizontal slabs and pmtHits_Plane1PMT1 shows the south-side PMTs hit in the vertical slabs.
    • Typically both PMTs in a slab would register a hit; so, a hole in the distribution could be suggesting inefficient or dead channels.

Online Reconstruction Ckov Plot Description

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