MOM Standing Duties List (draft)

Motivation for this list is threefold:

  • Potential MOMs understand what will be expected of them and how much of their time the role will take up, and can ensure they have received any desired training prior to their stint
  • The list itself can act as the jumping off point to specific documentation elsewhere on the wiki
  • Things don't slip through the net.


"filing" = archiving a paper copy in the marked binder in an organised manner
"tidying"= deleting obviously ephemeral mails (CKOV keep alives, paper/poster reviews, etc.) and moving the others from the inbox to a suitable folder

MOM Standing Duties List

Please note that the MOM must respond flexibly to the needs of the experiment and thus will also need to carry out additional tasks not on this list!
Your role as MOM is your primary job during your MOM stint, and thus the various responsibilities, duties and tasks associated with the role must get first priority on your time.

Pre-requisites : The MOM must

  • be familiar with the various areas on campus where MICE activities take place and have suitable access to those areas
  • must reside locally and remain within 30 minutes of RAL at all times. If this is not possible, the MOM should inform the DC and ensure
    that an appropriate person, who much have MOM experience, stands in.

Standing list : MOM duties include

  • MOM must keep proper notes and records, suitably organised so that they can be used by their successors (without this, the entire exercise is pointless)
  • stocking paper and toner for the MLCR and R76 printers (else who, then?)
  • reading and tidying of MOM eMail
    • archiving old material to Thunderbird local folders
  • following up on MOM's MICEmine issues (re-assigning as appropriate)
  • update MICE photo album when requested
  • MOM desktop and R76 printing - checking and reporting issues
  • requesting and filing radiation surveys
    • both the routine and the Activation Study surveys
  • requesting "geometry" surveys
    • making request
    • ensuring required access is possible
    • receiving and storing raw survey data
    • review/validation of output MICE Note
  • preparation for running
  • during data-taking periods, holding keys, updating Key List document, etc.
    • watching for changes to swipe access system, and ensuring it works (e.g. R76)
  • making sure MOM's Outlook calendar is kept updated
  • ensuring that the MLCR, Rack Room 2 and the Remote Control room are locked overnight.
  • uploading latest Run Summary Spreadsheet put on to MICE website
  • maintaining Operations documentation:
    • Requesting and receiving updates to Operations documentation (user manuals, etc.)
    • publishing updated versions on wiki and website
    • ensuring paper copies of manuals present and correct in MLCR
  • keeping track of ISIS running schedules: user runs, machine physics, shutdowns and access, maintenance days
    • disseminating changes to relevant parties in MICE
    • getting current ISIS schedule put on to MICE website (link available from MICENet)
  • disseminating site announcements (e.g. severe weather closures) to shifters
  • logging any discussions/requests/decisions made as MOM in the MOM Logbook.
  • attending (and filing/tidying received minutes of):
    • weekly commissioning/operations meeting
    • ISIS Machine Scheduling meetings
    • MICE-ISIS Safety meetings
    • monthly MICE-ISIS Co-ordination meeting
  • Collate a running list of potential operational issues, and (as appropriate)
    • circulate to MICE Operations list and to Hall Manager / DC prior to MICE-ISIS Safety meetings
    • discuss at Operations Meeting "Lessons to be Learnt" item
  • updating Web Whiteboard
  • presenting:
  • ensuring appropriate eLog entries have been made
  • ensuring contact details for shifters are correct and up-to-date
  • training next MOM:
  • ensuring that the details of ODH alarms are correctly recorded in the eLog and logbook
  • check the Helium level for the trackers and the SC magnets as in Helium

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