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MICE Shifter Guides

Solenoid and FC Shifter guides

These documents are provided by the magnet group. The instructions are at somewhat of a higher level
than required by shifters. The basic instruction for shifters is:

If you see something out of the ordinary with the superconducting magnets (Alarm, Anything red on the display)
call the magnet expert.

Solenoid Shifter Instructions : MICE Shifter Training
Focus coil Shifter Instructions : MICE Shifter Training

Shifter Instructions or What to Do on Shift

What to do on-shift : MICE Shifter Training

As part of your shift you should keep a record of people present, the main parameters of the
run and incidents that occurred during the run. A good example is shown in the

Guide to using the eLog for shift : Shifter_Elog_Guide.pdf

Note that in the example given in this guide, the shifters were explicitly asked to check the temperature differentials
in the conventional magnets every half hour.

How to launch and work with the Run Control

Using the Run Control GUI [2015]

Shifter checklist : How to start a run

Shifter checklist to start a MICE run

Online monitoring and online reconstruction

Where to find the CDB Viewer

The CDB Viewer can be found at (

Trackers calibration

What to do when something happens on shift

Shifter information for various problems that may be encountered on shift

Target and Beamline: What to do when...

... the RATS daemon crashes
... a BPS error is encountered
... a conventional magnet trips off
... the target throws an error
... beamline polarity sensors misbehave: check voltages (until the proper user guide is finished)
... Decay Solenoid PSU trips off

What to do when you are requested by the BLOC to reset one of the conventional magnets

  • Press the Controls Menu desktop GUI
  • under BeamLine Elements, select BeamLine Summary
  • press the third option, control option on the right hand side of the Beamline summary GUI
  • the Danfysik MPS 8000 - MICE Beamline Magnets window opens
  • press the Reset option in the second box, control box of this window.


What if the Heartbeat alarm goes off?

  • Click on the "P" near the broken (red) machine in the GUI: it will show you the Nagios services that have failed
  • Double-check with Nagios (u/p = mice/t8******), or
  • Double-check with Nagios (u/p = mice/c****)

What if one of the MICE thin clients crashes?

Very rarely one the thin clients can crash like this

The current response to this is :

If the applications that had been running on the machine can just be opened elsewhere, then they should be, and an email
should be sent to the online expert (Paolo). If the process hasn't been released by the machine, and can't be run
in multiple instances (i.e. RunControl) then the SOC should be called, who will in turn probably call the online

What if an error from the DataMover is reported from Run Control

If an error is reported via Run Control then the shifters don't NEED to do anything - they can
carry on with the next run; all that will happen is that the data distribution will be delayed.

Make an eLog entry, then wait until a suitable time when DAQ is stopped (e.g a shift change) and run the manual
script. If it still doesn't work, eLog the error and escalate to (for now) Henry.

Instructions to run the datamover manually can be found in the Red Binder and in the latest version of the datamover instructions

Alarm Handler

Instructions for the Alarm Handler

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