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h1. MICE Shifter Guides 

 * [[First shift]] guide 
 * [[UnofficialShifterGuide|The Unofficial Guide to being a Shifter]] 
 * [[ShifterRostering|Shifter scheduling]] 
 * [[Shifter Training]] 
 * [[Shifter Rules]] 
 * [[Operations|Run Control Documentation]] 
 * "Where to find the CDB Viewer": 
 * "What to do when something happens....shifter information for various problems that may be encountered": 
 * [[Suggestions to streamline/enhance shiftes|Shift Streamlining]] 

 h1. What to do when something happens on shift 

 Shifter information for various problems that may be encountered on shift 

 h2. Shifter Instructions or What to Do on Shift 

 "What to do on-shift : MICE Shifter Training": 

 h2. How to launch and work with the Run Control 

 "Using the Run Control GUI [2015]": 

 h2. Shifter checklist : How to start a run 

 Shifter checklist to start a MICE run - attachment:Shifter_Checklist.pdf 

 h2. Where to find the CDB Viewer 

 The CDB Viewer can be found at 

 h2. Shifter Target Training and what to do when.... 

 "The RATS daemon crashes": 
 "A BPS error is encountered":