List of issues to address before the February run


  • Beamline work : issue #1788

Detectors, Monitoring and Control

  • Tracker leak (Melissa/Tracker group)
  • GVA1 status (???) -- Durga/John N. to look at effect on beamline
  • CDB vs Spreadsheet (All) -- resolved to remove spreadsheet by end of user run
  • Feedback from OnMon to RC to tell ALH that data has become corrupted. #1802 (Rhys, Pierrick)
  • Test of network reconfiguration (Pierrick, Paolo)
  • Devising a way to record the absorber details in the CDB (Pierrick, Durga)
  • Shared services/environment (water, air, computing/networking, UPS ( #1213 ) in Alarm Handler and in Archiver (All/Pierrick)
  • Shifter "Target Drive" panel (CAM)
  • Updated target checklists (Henry)
  • Swap Q5 and Q6 temperature readouts (Pierrick)
  • Confirm ISIS PVs and applications OK in MLCR (Ops)

Hall and infrastructure

  • PID alignment and survey
  • Validate search procedure if PRY is incomplete (DC, Andy, Steve)
  • PPS issues #1818 ?
  • PPS User Guide inc. partial PRY addendum (Henry)
  • Fencing under South Mezzanine
  • All valid PPS meshing and gates in place
  • BPS validation? (Craig, Ed?)
  • camhall03

General Computing

  • Data Quality Flags #1383 (All, Janusz, Pierrick)
  • Reco: Data Quality flags #1585 (Rhys, Durga, Pierrick)
  • File Compactor:
    • Alarm Handler #1236
    • Data Quality Flags #1383 (Henry, Pierrick)
  • Data mover - hardware token renewal (Henry)


  • Address values of the alarm limits (Steve, Paul H)
  • Padlock-able overnight keypress -- in progress
  • Start working through Hall prep list
  • Update operations checklist
  • All shifter documentation up-to-date and in MLCR binders
  • Permissive list of MOM-authorisable actions -- in progress
  • Tidy up MLCR

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