Guide to ISIS Machine physics

ISIS machine physics is ISIS time to set up the machine and allow it to cool down after a run. They make some of this time available for us to perform activities that are necessary for tuning our experiment. Two activities are normally foreseen during machine physics:

  • Tuning work that may endanger ISIS beam (e.g. some target tuning activities)
  • Work that may involve an access to the DSA or ISIS vault but additionally requires beam (e.g. some detector set up activities on TOF or Cerenkov)

Explicitly, this time is not intended for general MICE work, problems with our ability to schedule our staff in, etc. The demand from ISIS for machine physics time is usually quite high.

Requesting Machine Physics time

We can request a few shifts in ISIS machine physics. Normally there is a machine scheduling meeting a few days before the start and end of each run. The MOM is invited to these meetings. ISIS handle the various requests for beam time and assign shifts appropriately. Chris Rogers normally acts as the go between from MICE to ISIS.

Usual machine physics roster

The machine physics roster usually looks something like

Run up

2 weeks before user run Run up machine, machine physics is purely for machine set up No MICE running
1 week before user run ISIS is available for some machine physics Typically 2-3 MICE shifts can be arranged
Saturday/Sunday/Monday before user run ISIS final checks No MICE running
Tuesday onwards User run MICE running as normal

Run down

Typically the a shift can be arranged during the run down period (while ISIS cools down)

Friday at end of user run ISIS goes off at 8.30
Saturday/Sunday at end of user run ISIS running at base rate (usually "MS/32", i.e. 1.6 Hz) for machine physics (cool down)
Monday ISIS open for maintenance

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