First shift

The material below should be covered by your shifter training. If you have not been trained, then you cannot take shift

Here is a list of things you will need to do before you do a MICE shift. They start at least a week before your first shift, so please take note and act early.

It is required that you attend at least 2 sessions of running in advance of your first scheduled shift. This will both remind
you of how to operate the experiment but also let you experience any of the operational problems or variances that exist at the time.

At least a week before your first MICE shift

You should contact the following people, both to make yourself known to them (if you are not known to them already) and so that they can initiate certain actions on your behalf.

  • Rose Hayes is the MICE admininstrators. They can make sure that you will be admitted to the RAL site, organise safety training and so on.
  • The Mice Operations Manager (alias MOM). (S)he will need to know that you are coming and that you are new to MICE shifts. To find out their identity, look at and look under the month when your shifts are.
  • To contact the MOM, send email to this address. More specific contact details are can be found in the expert list which is on the MICO page. but you will need the username and password, which the MOM can give you (once you contact them at the generic address above). The MOM will tell you the time of your shifts.
  • John Govans is the Hall Manager and CDM Principal Contractor and will provide your CDM training; Rose or Debbie should arrange this for you.
  • You will probably need overnight accommodation, which the MICE admininstrators can book for you at Ridgeway House on the RAL site or elsewhere. Assume that you will want to sleep on the night after your last shift - your shift may not end until well into the night.
  • It will be helpful to overlap with the previous and succeeding shifters.
  • Access to the MICE Hall is controlled by the CDM Regulations which mandate (amongst other things) the use of certain personal protection equipment.
    • Shared hard hats (some with ear defenders),
    • hi-vis vests and disposable earplugs (where necessary) are provided.
    • You will need suitable safety footwear (100% non-metallic boots meeting EN345). (Safety shoes rather than boots are acceptable, but there's a lot of cooling water around that might leak one day!) Do not take someone else's boots without permission! Suitable footwear can be bought at the shop in Harwell Campus, either over the counter with a credit card or via Rose Hayes (who will raise an invoice against your home institute).
    • Ensure that you have registered on the ISIS Visitor database. This can be found at
    • Ensure that your ISIS Safety Induction is still valid. The database will show you the status. If your safety induction is not
      valid you will need to do it again. To do this go to and follow the instructions.
  • Your training records are available on CHEESE. If something is not up-to-date it will tell you. Inform the MOM before arriving
    that you require training and this will be organised.

On Any Monday Before Your First Shift

You will need to come to RAL on a Monday before the day of your first shift, to attend the RAL Site Safety Induction at 09:30. Rose Hayes can book a place for you. This course needs to be retaken every five years.

On Any Day Before Your First Shift

Report first to either Rose Hayes in her office (building R26). She will arrange a site pass for you and take you to various other people for the following:

  • CDM safety training, regarding operations in and around the MICE hall. This is given by the Hall Manager or his representative. You should note down the serial number of your training as you will need it when signing into/out of the hall.
  • Read through recent eLog entries, so that you are aware of current issues on the experiment.
  • Make sure you have registered on MICEmine (and still remember your password) as not all the documentation is publically accessible.

On the Day of Your First Shift

  • Go to the MICE office on the ground floor of building R76
  • Identify yourself to the MOM
  • You will need to get a radiation film badge from the Health Physics office next to the ISIS Main Control Room, preferably during working hours. You must wear it at all times in the MICE Hall. This step can be done any time up to a month before your shift, but no earlier (the badges are valid for a calendar month).
  • You should go to the ISIS control room to ensure that your site badge is activated to allow 24-hour access to both the MICE office ("ground floor") in R76, the vac rack area and the ISIS coffee lounge!
  • You will also need a hi-vis vest and a hard hat, which can be borrowed from outside the MICE Control Room (as well as your boots!).

Duties of a Shifter

Shifter duties include:

  • Keeping count of the target pulse counts at the start and end of each run, and the end of each day; and making sure the Target Calibration limits are not exceeded.
  • Filling out the Run Conditions Summary spreadsheet and/or Configuration Database entry form for every run
  • Making relevant eLog entries
  • Filling out the magnet checklist
  • Helping with the Search and Secure
  • Controlling (some of) the magnets and detectors
  • Keeping an eye on the MICE Online Monitoring and watching out for the Alarm Handler
  • Keeping an eye on ISIS beam losses and status

There is a (red) ring binder of detailed directions for shifters containing manuals for operating all the relevant aspects of the MICE experiment. It should be kept in the MICE Control Room. (If the instructions aren't in the binder, you probably shouldn't be doing it!)

See Also

  • Some of the above details are also given on the MICE "visitors to RAL" website:
  • An old copy of this guide is available at First shift
  • After your stint, please remember to return your radiation badge to the Health Physics office and leave the Instructions for Shifters binder in the MICE Control Room.

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