Fire Alarm

If you hear the fire alarm then leave the building by the nearest available emergency exit and make your way to the appropriate assembly point (shown on the map below). The fire alarm alarm takes the form of a continuous bell.

If you see flames or smoke then:

  1. Leave the building by the nearest available fire exit and press a break glass switch on your way out to sound the alarm.
  2. Ring 2222 to alert the fire brigade and tell them where the fire is.

If you are in the middle of a Controlled Access

  1. Follow the procedures described above
  2. The Door Controller must bring the Controlled Entry logbook to the Assembly Area

The map below shows the fire alarm assembly points on either side of the experimental hall.

On the North side - nearest the foyer - this is next to the floodlights.

On the South side please assemble in the car park next to the HRPD beamline.

Please see Issue #72 if you want to know what it's like to experience a fire alarm

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