MICE Survey discussion notes

Date: 21st July, 2014
Present: CR, AN, PH, TMH, HN

It is confirmed that Tony Millington, ISIS survey Group, has John Palin’s data set and uses the same software as DL.

Tony is making a cross-check; only the DSA remains, which will be measured in the August shutdown.

Assumed level of accuracy for placement of beamline elements: upstream of TOF0: 0.5mm, downstream of TOF0: <0.5mm, possibly 0.1mm. Check these assumptions with Analysis Group and if necessary, set up meeting with Tony Millington - CR

Format of dimensional data of external magnet fiducials and features required for surveyors, ask Jaroslav Pasternak/Victoria Blackmore - AN.

Need to check with the MIPO on the formation of the Alignment Group and its membership – needs to include AN, JST, JG – AN

Suggest making a documented ‘dry run’ of magnet adjustment ranges and repeatability when SS1 is in position (after 28th July) – AN/JG

Check that mechanical survey data related to field mapping for SS2 & SS1 can be resurrected – PH

Invite Tony Millington to say, every third Wednesday Hall meeting – AN

Update the MICE survey procedureCR/HN

Some means of verifying any ‘real’ displacement of the magnets under operating conditions and forces will be advantageous.

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