FF 20130325

25th March 13:00 in R9 lab


Roy Preece
Victoria Blackmore
John Palin
Tim Hayler
Andy Nichols
Chris Rogers

To summarise what we discussed today.

Survey coordinates system

In general:
  • +x is along the beamline (towards the main R9 door as currently installed)
  • y is across the beamline - positive y is undefined
  • +z is up
In detail:
  • y-z plane is defined by the least-mean-squares fit of the end flange holes on the downstream face of the outer "pcd" flange (defines x-axis and x=0)
  • z-axis defined by line between the top hole and the bottom hole (defines y=0)
  • y-axis is the perpendicular to z-axis in the y-z plane
  • z=0 is defined by the mean z of left-most and right-most point on the end flange
    • Rogers comment: physics software uses right-handed coordinate system so propose we do also; implies while looking towards positive x, positive y is to the left

Survey data

  • Request that we have access to raw data and as much information as possible about the data format
    • Propose transferring data by memory stick to R9 local data store
    • Need to find out number of files/file size/data format
    • John also has some proprietary software for extracting the position data - and converting by hand to e.g. excel format

Survey equipment

Survey can be either by:
  • "Absolute Distance Measurement" - ADM
    • Use IR device and speed of light in air to measure distance
  • Interferometry using Helium Neon laser
    • wavelength ~0.0158 micron
  • Survey is to centre back face of the survey point
    • e.g. centre of the hole on the object face for pin mounted survey probes

Next meeting

  • John will be at RAL on 9/10 April to take some data for spectrometer solenoid alignment device - would be nice to have a practical demonstration of the survey device!

Addendum, 9/04/2013

Visit to MICE hall

  • Discussion on survey data
    • survey uses xit format which appears to be proprietary binary format.
    • documentation is in a proprietary (adobe indb) format. Nonetheless we should have access to the files. There was also some discussion on how the MICE hall is/will be surveyed.
  • Discussion of survey details

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