Outage 15-18 Feb

We need to now have a discussion regarding the outage next weekend in addition to our discussion on the outage over christmas. I think everyone is free 16.00-17.00 today. For RAL locals we can use CR05 (next to the visitor centre). For those outside RAL, please use the regular phone line,

  • UK: 0844 4 73 73 73
  • Switzerland: 0848 560 347
  • US: 1 415 363 0833 (or 1 646 652 0772)
  • Italy: 0821 230 749
  • Others listed below
  • Skype +49 1803 001 178

PIN: 746868 (PIMUNU)

Affected Services

  • epics gateway
  • elog
  • mousehole
  • micewww
  • configuration database slave
  • MAUS test servers

Service Requirement

Services required during this period:

15 16 17 18
EPICS Gateway High Low Low High
elog High High High High
mousehole Med Low Low Med
micewww Med High Low Med
redmine Med High Low Med
configDB slave Med Low Low Med
test servers Low Low Low Low
micehall cams Low Low Low Low

Service Plans

  • EPICS Gateway
    • AFC crew have been warned that EPICS gateway may not be available on Monday 18th (Chris Rogers).
  • Elog (Ian Taylor/Pierrick Hanlet)
    • Elog will be mirrored in US
    • Plan for pushing data back to RAL? How do we keep them in-phase?
  • mousehole
    • Mousehole will be unavailable
    • Users should seek to get account through RAL bastion?
  • ConfigDB slave
    • ConfigDB will be unavailable
  • test servers will be unavailable
  • micehall cams will be unavailable
  • micewww and redmine
    • Propose to move onto mirrored pair
    • What is required to effect the move
    • Plan and schedule

Plan for micewww

Outline plan for move:

  1. Confiure heplnv15? with 50GB of VHD space
  2. Allocate space on heplnv15? as:
Path Current Size (Used) Current Location Proposed Size
/var/lib/pgsql 892MB heplnm069 2GB
/readmine_repos 746MB heplnv152 2GB
/usr/local/elog 376MB heplnv152 2GB
/readmine 12GB heplnm069 25GB
/www 8.9GB heplnm069 20GB
  1. Set up requited aliases in /etc/hosts
  2. Copy data from heplns152 and heplnm069
  3. Dump DB from heplnm069 and import on heplnv15?
  4. Copy apache config from heplnv152 to heplnv15?
  5. Start apache on heplnv15?
    • No firewall holes from heplnv15? to heplnm069 or the rest of the cluster
  6. Local tests by overriding miewww name in client hosts files
  7. Open inbound firewall holes to heplnv15? (80 and 443, others?)
  8. Available for external users to test
  9. Revert DB?
  10. move micewww alias to heplnv15?:
    • Stop redamine DB on heplnm069
    • Close NFS Exports on heplnm069
    • Stop readmine and elog on heplnv152
Temporary Network Connection:
  1. Designate port on 172.16.??.??? stack for temporary uplink
  2. Designate port on Router A for temp link
  3. Disable port on Router A
  4. Connect fibre and configure ports
  5. Lunchtime on Friday 15th, disconnect the main uplink to Stack, enable the temporary link

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