FF 20130205

Summary - PPD/MICE computing outage christmas 2012

Time: 16:00
Date: 07/02/2013
Location: R76.G06

Actions from previous meeting

  • ACTION: Chris Brew and Rob Harper to get a redmine login
  • ACTION: Linda Coney to ask Pierrick about EPICS archiver status and plans
  • ACTION: Linda Coney to review SLAs
  • RECOMMENDATION: Chris Brew to phone MOM in the event of an issue that might affect MICE services 07789 272992
  • ACTION: Antony Wilson to investigate if/where services are documented - and append to list of services as new table column
  • ACTION: Antony Wilson to investigate if/where services are backed up and who has responsibility - and append to list of services as a new table column.
  • Date of next meeting - propose Thursday 7th February at 15.00 GMT


Follow up meeting to that held on 14th January. Following agenda:

  • Actions from last time (some covered below)
  • [[computing-software:Computing_infrastructure|List of services]] operated for MICE at RAL outside of the control room (Antony Wilson)
  • Proposed Revision to SLAs (Linda Coney)
    • rgma19
  • Recommendations and implementation (Chris Rogers/discussion)
  • Preparations for coming outage (All)
  • AOB

I propose that the output of the meeting should be a report covering the salient points above. The issue of RAL wireless networks should be
handled separately.

Phone line

  • UK: 0844 4 73 73 73
  • Switzerland: 0848 560 347
  • US: 1 415 363 0833 (or 1 646 652 0772)
  • Italy: 0821 230 749
  • Others listed below
  • Skype +49 1803 001 178

PIN: 772731 (SPARE1) - NOT regular PIMUNU number


  • Updated priority list (Rogers)
  • Propose mirroring elog to control room to reduce elog priority to medium (as it acts as a mirror only of operations elog) (Rogers)
  • Then review SLA for EPICS gateway - needs mirror of Pierrick - and MICE bastion
    • Recommend setting up a backup bastion machine via Imperial ROGERS to investigate
    • Recommend Redmine database and CDB database slave to move onto the hyperv setup - WILSON to check
    • Propose setting up a public network thingy for adding e.g. MICE offices outside of facilities-users
    • All high priority services can then be regraded to medium except EPICS gateway - ROGERS to liase with Pierrick
    • Make a NBD list of MICE people to start services
      • Documentation and training if necessary for NBD list
    • Exists a NBD list of PPD people to start hardware
  • PPD network and HyperV to stay up
  • MICE boxes should stay up but lose external network
  • Somewhere between 4 and 5 from previous meeting FF_20120205
  • Propose similar discussion for MICENet
  • Need conversation with users... e.g. AFC group

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