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Boyd, Steven, 01 July 2015 13:44

Controlled Access to the MICE Hall

Occasionally MICE collaborators will need to enter the MICE Hall when it has been searched and secured.
Since search and secure can take up to an hour a procedure has been put in place to allow controlled access.


MICE collaborators can only be allowed to carry out a controlled access if

  • they have already received CDM training
  • they have been trained in procedures for working in the MICE Hall magnetic field environment
  • they have been trained in the controlled access procedure

Controlled Access Training

Controlled access procedure is governed by

  • the Controlled Access checklist (if there are no magnetic fields inside the Hall)
  • the Controlled Access with SC Magnet Permit Active checklist if fields exist.

Shifters should be aware and read both of the checklists and should follow each step during the access.

Controlled access training involves:

  • being made aware of, and going over, the controlled access checklists
  • being made aware of the requirements for a controlled access to be approved (e.g. noone with pacemakers should do a controlled access
    if the SC Magnet Permit is active)
  • being shown the controlled access procedure
  • tests in the controlled access procedure

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