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h1. Control Room Operations 

 * Control room map and computer use 
 ** attachment:MLCR_Plan.png 
 ** Do not open instances of the same application on different machines if possible. This leads to confusion and can be 
 dangerous. Please adhere to the terminal usage plan in the MLCR plan above. 
 * Controls and Monitoring 
 ** Look at the whiteboard once a shift to see any current issues and instructions 
 ** "Run Control instructions": 
 ** "Using the alarm handler": 
 ** "Safety and emergency documentation": 
 ** Issues to watch out for 
 *** Cooling water leaks 
 *** Conventional magnet trips 
 *** Make sure that the File Compactor is cycling properly at the end of each run and that the data is being transferred. If it isn't you may need to do a manual data transfer (instructions in the "Data Mover" link below) 
 *** Cross check the CDB with the end of run statistics 
 * [[computing-software:DAQ_and_online_reconstruction_training#DAQ|DAQ]] 
 * document#22 
 * [[computing-software:DAQ_and_online_reconstruction_training#Online-reconstruction|Online Reconstruction]] 
 * [[ShifterTrainingFileCompactor|Datamover]] 
 * "Documentation": 
 * [[computing-software:ShifterTraining|Computing]] 
 * [[computing-software:ALH|ALH]]