Commissioning Meeting 10/Oct/2014

Slides for commissioning meeting

From David for tracker commissioning


a) Upload firmware onto spares taken from D0
b) Integrate/debug with controls and DAQ infrastructure as changed since
the last test two years ago
c) Calibrate
d) Use cassette top LED with TOF trigger LED to time in, using ISIS RF
e) Connect waveguides (possibly in PRY positions) and repeat with internal LEDs

Primary goals:
Set-up cold working cryo systems
Integrate and understand new trigger system
Establish internal LED as working system

Move on with downstream cryos if incomplete

Pre-Step IV (date unknown):

Full and final calibrations - no beam
RF timing commissioning/trigger/beam settings - time in and understand at the 1% level the timing structure of the ISIRF-tracker. Ed O analysis and tools to aid - beam and priority
Alignment measurements - beam
Channel efficiency measurements - beam

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