CHEESE - The MICE Shift Scheduler

CHEESE is a tool that allows MICE collaborators to sign up for shifts, as well as a resource for maintaining an up-to-date list of institutions and collaborators on MICE.

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CHEESE software

How to Access CHEESE

New Account

When a CHEESE account is created for you, you will receive an email with your username and password. On first login, please make sure to at the very least insert your first and last name on your profile.

Regular Users

Profile Page

Click on your name at the top right or on "Your Profile" on the index page to view your profile. You will see the information you have entered into your profile as well as some information that only your group leader or the shift manager can edit (e.g. your authorship status, CHEESE security clearance, and shifter training status).
There will be a notification at the top if your profile is missing information you should provide.

You will also find a button on this page to update your profile.

List of Shifts

At the bottom of your profile there is a list of your completed, current, and upcoming shifts. For upcoming shifts you have an option to relinquish the shift so that someone else can take it. Note that you will still be responsible for this shift until someone else has taken it.

Shift Calendar

A calendar view of all shifts currently in the system. Available shifts are red, shifts that are covered by someone are green. You can sign up to shifts by clicking on the shifts you wish to take and then on "Sign up for shifts". You will be asked to confirm the list of shifts at which point they are assigned to you. You will receive an email notification with a list of your shifts.

Open Shifts

Only displays shifts that are still open. Sign up by checking the checkboxes next to the shifts you wish to take and then click on "Request Shifts".

Today's Shifts

Shows all shifts today (or another day you select) and a list of all people on shift that day.

Next Two Weeks of Shifts

As above but for 2 weeks from the current date.

Shifts by Institution

A list of quotas for a given shift period and how much of their assigned quota each institution is already contributing based on shifts that people have signed up for.

Index of Shift Periods

Shift period selection for "Shifts by Institution"

List of Shifters

List of all collaborators with information about the amount of shifts they have already done and future shifts they have signed up for.

Institution List & Collaboration Lists

Show the institutions and collaborators on MICE with links to profile pages for each.

Find by Activities

Enter keywords to find all users that have these keywords listed in their current or past activities, so you can find out who you might need to contact or ask for help about a specific aspect of MICE.

Group Leaders

As a group leader you are responsible for keeping both your institution's profile and the list of collaborators at your institution up to date.

The following options are available to the group leaders in addition to all those above:

Update Your Institition Profile

Here you can keep the profile of your institution up to date. You can also add people to the institution.
To add a new person, simply enter their email address and username, make sure the checkbox "Send an email to the person with a new random password" is checked, and click on create person.
Please write all usernames as firstname.lastname, e.g. john.doe, there should be no exceptions to this.
The user will receive an email with their login data.

Update the Authorship Status of Someone at Your Institution

You can edit the profiles of collaborators at your institution and specifically edit their authorship status. There are two fields that you can edit which they can't, "Authorship Status" and "Date Authorship Starts". The second one should only be set if the user is not yet on the author list but it is known when they will be. In that case enter a date here and set "Authorship Status" to the status they will have after that date.
If someone is not on the author list any more (e.g. they have left the experiment), set their authorship status to "None".

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