Before you are permitted to enter or work in, or around, the MICE Hall you must be aware of the correct requirements
and procedures to follow which will allow you to work safely. Safety is the most important issue to be aware of in the Hall,
and must be kept in mind at all times. The GLIMOS (Group Leader in Matters of Safety) will first go through a talk with
you outlining all the safety issues and their mitigation. This talk can be found here: CDM_Induction_122215.pptx


CDM (Construction Design and Management) Regulations are a set of regulations managing the health, safety and
welfare of construction projects designed by the Health and Safety Executive. All collaboration members who plan to
enter the MICE Hall must be given a talk by the Hall Manager (John Govans) and the GLIMOS (Group Leader in
Matters of Safety) outlining the what is and is not acceptable to enter the Hall. This talk will also cover
instructions of how to interact with the magnetic fields in the Hall when the superconducting solenoids are on.

Magnet safety training

All personnel are required to go through training in procedures for safe working within or around magnetic
fields. We define three categories of personnel :

Magnet experts : a subset of personnel who have had special training to work within or around the superconducting
solenoids and focus coil. These are specialists approved by Mark Palmer. A standard MICE shifter is not a magnet

System experts : MICE system experts are those responsible for particular pieces of equipment,
for example the tracker readout electronics, TOF, KL, EMR or vacuum equipment that lies between the 5 Gauss line
and the PRY. These will be given enhanced magnetic field safety training.

MICE personnel : everyone else. MICE personnel are not permitted to cross the 5 Gauss line unless under the supervision
of a Magnet or System expert.

The magnetic field safety slides for training System Experts are here : attachment:MICE_Magnetic_Field_Safety_Training_240715.pdf
Training for MICE personnel will be given within the standard CDM safety training talk.

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