Control Crate modules and boards

A number of MICE subsystems are controlled via VME-based computers in crates at the top of the relevant rack.

If a failure has been identified in one of these, you will need to

  • ensure micecss1 is running
  • power off the crate
  • pull out the affected carrier board
  • replace the relevant module
  • re-insert carrier board
  • restart crate
    • The Target crate has a few foibles

The Carrier Boards are all 8002's but the ones with the CANbus interface need to have prom version V306. It is a 8 pin DIL device that can easily be swapped between boards.

You must check with a CAM expert before doing anything!

The attachments below list the modules within each crate:

  • CS1: Decay Solenoid
  • CS2: Target Vac-Rack
  • CS3: Target R78
  • CS4: Magnet PSU's
  • CS8: "Tracker (temporary)" - though I think this is actually something to do with the R9 AFC test.

You should double-check that the module which you have been asked to change matches that listed.

The VME crates usually have a Terminal Server to provide access over the network; if not, the crates' serial connection parameters are: RS-232, 9600 baud, 8 bit, No parity, 1 Stop bit.

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