Gaussmeter (Hirst GM08)

The Beamline group owns a Hirst GM08 gaussmeter with a variety of interchangeable probes. The GM08 has USB and RS-232 ports for remote readout, and a range of 0-3 Tesla. This unit has been used for the beamline magnet polarity checks, including MICE Notes 198 and 520.

The unit is calibrated annually, which involves separately correcting the response of the probe and of the measurement unit to those of idealised circuits (p. 3 of the manual). This should shouldn't degrade performance of the meter with any other probe, beyond any drift or damage to the probe itself, but the formal calibration certificate is only valid for that particular probe/meter combination.

The calibration certificate includes a table of actual and measured fields, allowing a correction to be applied external to the instrument. The relevant section of the certificates is reproduced in the corresponding eLog entries (table below).

Probes / Calibrations

The calibration certificate is valid for 14 months.

Probe Description Calibration Date
PT4972 TP002 transverse probe, 1 m lead 31 August 2007 to 3 Tesla: 31 October 2014
PS2034 TP002 transverse probe, 3 m lead 11 October 2013 to 3 Tesla: 12 July 2016
PS2035 AP002 axial probe, 3 m lead
PS2185 TP006 1 m transverse probe, 3 m lead 19 October 2012

Brunel Gaussmeter (Hirst GM04)

Certain measurements have been made with a GM04 meter and probe borrowed from Brunel University.

Probe Description Calibration Date
PT0112 TP002 transverse probe, 1 m lead October 2012
AP002 axial probe, 1 m lead October 2012

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