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h1. Status of MICE Muon Beamline 


 This list is for tracking the state between BLOCs, and should be viewed before an expert is called.    This is complementary to the whiteboard in the control room. 

 h2. Access / Construction Work 

 * Hall is open. 
 * PRY construction continues - hence crane activity 

 h2. Interlocks and Controls 

 * Target gate valve is open 
 * Beamstop is closed 

 h2. Services (electricity / water / air / air-conditioning / network) 

 * No service interuptions scheduled. 
 * Airconditioning unit 1 is isolated, the others are operational. 

 h2. Systems 

 * Beamline: 
 ** The beamline polarity is set to positive polarity 
 ** A new control board has been installed in Q5 MPS to solve ramping issue. 
 * DS: 
 ** The Linde Fridge is off and warming up for service running  
 ** The PSU is undergoing a full-current stability test 
 *** If it trips on overtemperature, leave as-is (do NOT reset interlocks) so that the specific channel can be identified  
 * Proton Absorber: 
 ** need to further close damping valves 
 * Beamstop: 
 ** Powerpack 2 has a cracked hose fitting awaiting replacement and is out of use  
 * MLCR: 
 ** No issues