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Nebrensky, Henry, 25 February 2015 17:45

Status of MICE Muon Beamline {{>toc}}

This list is for tracking the state between BLOCs, and should be viewed before an expert is called. This is complementary to the whiteboard in the control room.

Access / Construction Work

  • Hall is open.
  • PRY construction continues - hence crane activity

Interlocks and Controls

  • Target gate valve is open
  • Beamstop is closed

Services (electricity / water / air / air-conditioning / network)

  • No service interuptions scheduled.
  • Airconditioning unit 1 is isolated, the others are operational.


  • Beamline:
    • The beamline polarity is set to mixed polarity
    • Control boards have been swapped between Q4 and Q5 MPS to look into ramping issue.
  • DS:
    • The Linde Fridge is running
    • The PSU is isolated from the DS, and undergoing testing to look for overtemperature trips.
      • If it trips, leave as-is (do NOT reset interlocks) so that the specific channel can be identified
  • Proton Absorber:
    • need to further close damping valves
  • Beamstop:
    • Powerpack 2 has a cracked hose fitting awaiting replacement and is out of use
  • MLCR:
    • No issues

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