Access to ISIS Synchrotron

  • Significant work must be notified to ISIS in advance, e.g. Mike Krendler's worklist
  • Check with ISIS DO that no work is expected in S7
  • Collect and read the Safety Instruction from RP Office (it's different to the Hall one)
  • Collect and wear RADOS - make sure it's the right way round, and keep it well away from mobile phones!
  • Swipe badge must be enabled for ISIS RF Hall 2 (R5.4)
  • PPE requirements vary depending on work going on in synch - at least boots and hi-vis vest make sense
  • Controlled entry procedure is broadly similar to that for MICE Hall.
  • Note (and follow) ISIS Synchrotron hazard warning colour scheme:

Yellow/Black - radiation hazard
Red/White - electrical hazard
Green/White - trip or fall hazard

  • A radiation survey may be needed in the area where you will be working
  • Tools and equipment may need checking by Health Physics on removal from synch
  • You should probably wash your hands after leaving!

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