Access to MICE Hall DSA

Access to the DSA is controlled by the ISIS PPS. No access is possible while ISIS is running.

Permission to open the DSA should initially be sought from ISIS via the DC or MOM. Health Physics must carry out a radiation survey when the DSA is first opened after the previous User Cycle. Check with the ISIS DO as there may not be ISIS staff free to open up or re-close at certain times.

For short-term access it is possible to put the DSA into Controlled-Entry mode. It is necessary to then leave an ISIS walkie-talkie in the airlock to allow entrants to inform the MCR which key they have taken.

During longer shutdowns it is usually easier to drop the DSA search. In this case you must sign in and out of the DSA using the dedicated sheets at the entrance (in addition to signing in/out of the Hall).

The DSA is closed and locked by ISIS crew.

After any work in the DSA, check that the D2 Klixon circuits are intact and that the DS turret fan is running.

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