Minutes for meeting to define plans for the activation test for double rate dipping

Present: Steve Boyd, Chris Rogers, Henry Nebrensky, Paul Smith, Yordun Karadzhov

-Available test slots in ISIS schedule for 4V double dipping tests
Machine Physics Run : Feb 3-7, Apr 4-6 and April 16

-Goals of run : To test target and tune beam
To test DAQ can operate at higher data rate
To do activation studies in concert with ISIS

  • The DAQ should be tested before the activation plan, but Yordun cannot be at RAL in
    the February machine physics slot. The DAQ test was scheduled for Apr 4-6

    Action Item : Steve to check with Roy that running beam into the Hall in Apr 4-6 does
    not conflict with construction schedule (Steve)

    Action Item : Yordun to define a detailed DAQ test plan for April

  • Target will nominally be tested in the February slot. This will involve a few hours of
    Paul Smith's and an ISIS beam expert's time. We will ask for an 8-hour slot in the
    ISIS scheduling meeting on 22nd Jan 2014.

    Action Item : Paul and Henry will be in the control room, but another person is needed.
    This should be a shifter, possibly a BLOC-trained person. Find someone after
    scheduling is better defined (Steve)

    Action Item : complete risk paperwork to work in hall that was started, but put on hold
    in December. (Henry/MOM)

  • It was agreed that the activation run itself should happen in April, as early as possible.
    Detailed planning will be done after Collaboration Meeting.

    Action Item : Steve will inform Dean of this plan and get ISIS feedback.

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