Alarm Handler

The Alarm Handler runs from miceecserv and is usually displayed on the TV in the MLCR (there are two HDMI cables running under the floor).

In case of failover of the current miceecserv, switching to the mirror machine, please note that the HDMI cable in the RR1 must be moved from miceecserv1 to micecserv2.

miceecserv1 and miceecserv2 can be accessed using KVM from micethin00 (user:secure) or using the TigerVNC application installed on micethin01 (Applications > Internet > TigerVNC Viewer).

The red mouse with the ALH label on it is directly connected to miceecserv.

Check on miceecserv if the remote desktop is shared: System > Preferences > Remote Desktop.

The Alarm Handler TV should display at least the following alarm windows:
  • Target
  • Beamline
  • Decay Solenoid
  • Detectors
  • TKU
  • TKD
  • SSU
  • SSD
  • FCD
  • Environment

How to restart the Alarm Handlers

  • Turn on the TV using the remote control or the joystick behind the bottom corner
  • Set the correct source
  • Open TigerVNC, usually on micethin01 in the Alarm Handlers tab
  • Login using the epics account/password
  • Start all the alarms or open the specific alarms you need to display using the AppLauncher
  • Make sure that each single panel is not disabled (no "D" near the alarm) and check the status with the MOM/DC.

or from a shell

cd /home/epics/epicsPRO/Config/ALHConfig
alh TGT.alhConfig &
alh BL.alhConfig &
alh DS.alhConfig &
alh FCD.alhConfig &
alh SSD.alhConfig &
alh SSU.alhConfig &
alh TKD.alhConfig &
alh TKU.alhConfig &
alh DET.alhConfig &
alh ENV.alhConfig &

  • Check if the audio is working

How to deal with an alarm

In case of any alarm

  • React and do not silence nor acknowledge the alarm unless an expert has told you to do this
  • Details about some alarms can be obtained with a click on the P box near the beeping alarm
  • Call an expert related with the subsystem or the MOM if you do not find any expert

Alarm meaning

  • E/V White alarm: communication problem ???
  • Y Yellow alarm: warning alarm
  • R Red alarm: critical alarm

How to silence an alarm

  • Hit the box near SilenceCurrent on the alarm window
  • Write down an eLog entry and report it to the following shifters crew.

How to acknowledge an alarm

  • Click on the little box near the specific alarm label where the error is displayed.
  • Write down an eLog entry and report it to the followings shifters crew.

What if the ALH screen is frozen and any other control is not working?

  • Kill and restart the Xserver on the machine.
  • Reboot miceecserv from the rack room and follow the previous instructions


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