Ops/Comm Scheduling meeting : 30/10/2017

Location : CR21 at 14:00 pm


Phone access : phonebridge number
UK: 08082380274
US: 631.621.5253
Access code: 1779339517

  • DC Update
  • Shutdown activities - the list so far
Name Task Time required Done?
Henry Restart conventional magnet controls crate 1-2 hours (?) Wednesday
Josef Replace filters in 8 compressors on mezzanine 1-2 days In progess
Ajit Test AMI controllers 0.5 - 1 day Arranging for Friday
Mark Partial warming of DS to clean vacuum space and recool 10 days Cooling - 4 days to go
Ajit/MOM Review current alarms 1 day Went through alarms with CM, all understood, some state changes req'd
Joe/Henry Change target patch fibres 0.5 days In progress, Joe down Tues/Weds. Inspect in synch
John/Colin Hall AC work? ? Maintenance this week
  • Others?

Tracker - Check David has finished his work. Need calibration run next week. Melissa & Durga to help wrap this up.

  • Next user cycle : 2017/03 : Nov 14 - Dec 20
    • Shifts are now open. Please sign up. 32/48 shifts have been assigned.
    • MOMs will be : Durga, Victoria+Melissa, Paolo
    • Run up will probably be on Nov 14th with data-taking starting on Nov 15th.
  • AOB

-HN Reboot data mover
-Paolo add more disk space on MICEraid5
-Need to give Tony Millington heads up on survey requirements in Nov/Dec once the run plan has settled (3 Absorber changes)
-Ajit looking at producing automated cooling channel magnet ramp down procedure for use by MOM's

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