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Boyd, Steven, 29 May 2017 13:54

Ops/Comm Scheduling meeting : 30/5/2017

Location : CR21 at 14:00 pm

Phone access : New phonebridge number
UK: 08082380274
US: 631.621.5253
Access code: 1779339517


  • Actions
    • Macwaters - Remove old overheated CSW71 to R9 waiting for John Govans and the van - in progress
    • Macwaters - Report on status of FC psu repair (stands)
      • The spare is installed and has been run into a short
    • Hall Manager - water system change-over procedure (stands) - collar people on Friday
    • EOverton - Status of miceraid5 disk cleanup (stands) now has a script but needs to run it
    • Progress on Hall list List of Hall activities in the shutdown (Colin) DL were down on masse and made significant progress. Need to confirm if any remaining items
    • CWhyte to request survey of TOF1 - requested, due Thursday Removing absorber means will need to re-survey CC magnets after the User Cycle.
    • AKurup to check which settings are being used by the active Alarm Handlers
    • CWhyte to request survey of CC Magnets after cycle
    • FDrielsma to investigate low-efficiency channels in EMR x-z
    • Tracker group: decide what should be done to prevent repeat contamination of Tracker Cryostats
  • MOM update
  • Performance plots from TOF calibration run (Durga?)
  • Hydrogen system update
    • Neon test
  • Run plan
  • AOB

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