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Boyd, Steven, 02 May 2017 12:55

Ops/Comm Scheduling meeting : 2/5/2017

Location : CR21 at 14:00 pm

Phone access : New phonebridge number
UK: 08082380274
US: 631.621.5253
Access code: 1779339517


  • Actions
    • Macwaters & Boehm - Arrange to install new Sumitomo compressor adsorbers - stands
    • Macwaters - Re-make dodgy compressor2 remote cable connector - stands
    • Macwaters - Prepare new F70 compressors for use. Remove old overheated CSW71 to R9. Speak to Sumitomo on April 5th regards how to repair. - in progress
    • Macwaters - Replace old vac sensors and new valve on cryo 1&2 - in progress
    • Ajit - Implement MOM/DC state machine override function for all systems; also need documentation and training for operators - documentation and training in progress
    • Macwaters - Report on status of FC psu repair (stands)
      • This needs to be cross-checked - e.g. Josef Boehm to check with Trevor. What is plan when it does return - will we want to test it in situ before the run?
      • Josef :"we just run 50A through it when it is connected to the magnet"
    • Hall Manager - water system change-over procedure (stands)
    • EOverton - Status of miceraid5 disk cleanup (stands)
    • JBoehm & Macwaters - get the West Wall compressors correctly labelled, as various have been re-purposed (stands)
    • CWhyte to contact DL to clarify their Hall Task List items
    • The Picologger has been disconnected. SBoyd to check with CWhyte whether we want it or not
      • Contacted Colin/Josef : Josef will meet with John Cobb on Friday to discuss this in the context of ramping the FC
    • HNebrensky to send BLOC-chasing email
  • DC Update
  • LH2 Update
  • Tracker Update
  • List of Hall activities in the shutdown (Colin)
  • Schedule for startup
    • Startup run on Monday May 8th - Hall should be reserved for operations activities
    • We will not be running the SS magnets this user cycle, or taking data with Neon.
    • We will need to run the FC at some point.
    • Co-ordination between DC and MOM will be key.


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