Run readiness discussion

To set the scene :

Today is the 6th Feb.
Saturday 11th : Expert led run
Wednesday week (15th) : Start data-taking

  • Hall Infrastructure
    • Water : We think it's OK
    • Power : Fine
    • PPS : Fine
    • Compressed air : Need to check with John on this issue. Critical to check.
  • Target and Beamline
    • Target and Target control PC : Target is fine - at risk until the PC is ready.
    • Diffuser : Needs to be checked and contingency put in place
    • Proton absorber : Henry gave it a good battering. Problem was a dodgy electrical connection.
    • Conventional magnets : OK.
    • Decay solenoid : Tucker claims it's ready to be powered. Get Mark to do it this week. Depends on compressed air -> need compressed air alarms in ALH.
  • SS Magnets and Focus coil : Magnets are ready for action.
    • Double check parameters for tags and make a new tag. Durga/Josef check tag creation script numbers and add currents for 2016-05-1 untrimmed unsettings.
  • Detectors
    • Trackers : HW mosty fine. Have ongoing issue concerning cooling performance. Some of the AFEs are running a bit hotter - regulation threshold has been increased.
      Confusion in the last running when to do the tracker calibration daily <- MOM needs to remind shifters of this.
    • Hall probes
    • EMR
    • KL/CKOV
    • TOFs
  • Online systems
    • Online computing : General environment OK. Network isolation will be tested on Saturday.
    • DAQ : IOC for DAQmon got moved and buggered things. Hall probes are another dependency that the DAQ has. Needs to be fixed now.
    • OnMon : works fine.
    • OnRec : was running. Needs start/stop documentation.
    • C&M inc. ALH
      • Lots of spurious alarms which we need to look at.
      • Will try to run from Pro - State machines need to be tested system-by-system.
      • Stagegate for discussion on ALH is Friday morning @ 11 am.
      • Saturday afternoon for expert led run.
  • Operations
    • Status of shifters and magnet monitors
    • Spares list
    • Online experts
    • Shift checklist
    • Magnet monitoring checklist
  • AOB
    • Environment spreadsheet should be implemented
    • ISIS variables - check on Saturday
    • Micestore space ALH - check on Saturday
    • Update checklist

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