Maintenance jobs for Wednesday morning 5th October

Who wants the job done? What is the job? Who will do the job? How much time will it take? Are there any prerequisites (Do you need BL running, SC magnets off, etc)?
Vicky Bayliss Start testing relief valves on hydrogen system VB/Mark Tucker More than a day (as long as we've got) Access to south mezz
Vicky Bayliss Test powering of decay solenoid VB/Mark Tucker ? Access to DS power supply
Ed Overton Replace tracker VLSB Ed Overton couple of hours
Melissa Uchida Leak check helium system on tracker and work on the tracker hall probes M Uchida 2 hours max SS magnets off or low current due to access through PRY hole
Andy Nichols Put signs on the DSA Andy Nichols A couple of hours No Done
Henry Nebrensky Check neutron monitor ISIS Health Physics 30 minutes No Done
Pierrick Hanlet Channel PSU controls Pierrick Hanlet 1 day SC permit and SC magnets ON - low power
Henry Nebrensky Magnet water checklist BLOC 30 minutes No Done
Henry Nebrensky Earth leakage tests Richard Hale 08:00-10:30 No Done
Henry Nebrensky MPS heat load test TBD 60 minutes No, but can't overlap Earth leakage tests Done
Victoria Blackmore Diffuser repair/investigation Mike Dawson Morning? No
Durga Rajaram Fix magnet-mode information Pierrick Hanlet est. 3 hrs SC permit, SC magnets ON, hall probe readback
all Roof chiller discussion John Govans + external ??? Done

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