Ops/Comm Scheduling meeting

Location : CR21 in R1 @ 15:30 pm on September 6th

Phone access : ReadyTalk number
US 866-740-1260
UK 0800-496-0576
Swiss 0800-70-53-51
Italy 800182592
Access Code: 2155402

Hall work

  • DC report
    • SSU/FC ramp went well
      • Yay. But need to be careful that run settings have been tested before hand.
    • SSD diode test report
      • SSD ramping down now. A bit of noise was seen but not the amount we've been seeing. However there was still unacceptable noise.
      • We are going to test SSU tomorrow. The noise problem has not been cured.
    • DS compressor progress
      • Leak has not been found, but contamination continues rising.
      • Will need to strip down the compressor (weeks work), then cooling the DS down will take more time.
    • Aircon in RR2 now keeping rack temperatures beneath 30C.
      • Racks are now cool enough. Area outside the control room is now a sauna.
    • Water to conventional magnets.
      • A leak was sprung in the trench when we tried to put conventional magnet water supply on. This was a reflection of partial control of
        the pumps in the trench which are on full power and putting too much pressure in the system. We have a route out of the problem. Water to
        conventional magnets are off until Thursday at best. John wants to get into DSA to shut a valve to do the work and then needs to open it again.
    • MICE hall tour for FFAG workshop, Wednesday 7th September
      • Paolo/Durga giving tours
    • Other:
      • Need to get downstream tracker cooling ASAP
        • The RGA testing on the tracker will start tomorrow.
      • Cover for SS QP cables in RR2
        • Cable covers need to be installed.
      • UPS to be installed in RR1
  • Shandor arrives tomorrow, Alan arrives on Thursday, Shandor goes on Tuesday.
    • Get in touch with Yordan and say that we will be doing the expert startup
    • Need to tell ISIS people when we do a beam tune.

Operations and data-taking

  • Data-taking
    • Start of data-taking has been pushed back to 18 or 19 September (from the 13th).
    • Will need to make a decision once the DS work has been carried out on how/when we run.
    • We do need an expert run : this has been discussed and planned for Sept 12 (pulsers) and Sept 13 (beam).
    • We will need to do beam tuning as usual.
  • Maintenance plans
    • Need to compile a list of "regular" checks needed in the Hall during run periods
    • Need to decide on a regular maintenance slot (for e.g. checking temporary neutron monitor)
      • Wednesday morning?
  • AOB
    • New DC phone number is on the expert list
  • DONM : 13th September in CR12


  • Present : SB, CW, VB, PF, JC, MU, VB, EO, CR, HN

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